Water Conservation

At Applied Medical, we recognize the importance of water conservation and the challenges associated with water shortages, especially in Southern California where our corporate headquarters are located. As part of our ongoing conservation efforts, we have installed automatic hand-washing machines in our product manufacturing areas, smart irrigation controllers for landscaping throughout our campus and a highly efficient water chiller system in our manufacturing area. Additionally, we continue to evaluate new opportunities to conserve water.

Managing Water Usage Through Company Growth

In 2023, Applied Medical experienced company growth in device production. As we continue to grow, we manage our water usage through sustainable global conservation efforts.

Maintaining Water Usage Per Product Produced

Applied Medical has refined its manufacturing processes globally, which have resulted in keeping our water consumption per product consistent from 2022 to 2023 despite our growth in production.

Increasing Efficiency in Water Usage

Applied Medical utilizes a highly efficient water chiller system, which provides up to a 95% reduction in water use compared to traditional cooling towers.

Using Renewable Sources Responsibly

To conserve water, one of our facility's uses an advanced system that utilizes cooling water generated during our manufacturing processes for irrigation purposes.

Utilizing Rainwater Sustainably

At our European headquarters in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Applied Medical uses a stormwater attenuation and infiltration system that diverts stormwater runoff underground so that it flows into the earth as groundwater instead of running into and overflowing the sewer. This system also helps reduce the need for irrigation in the immediate area where the infiltration crates are buried.