The GelPOINT Path transanal access platform enables insufflated access to the rectum and lower sigmoid colon for surgical procedures including TransAnal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS).

TAMIS is performed to resect benign and malignant lesions in the distal to proximal rectum using new transanal access platforms and standard laparoscopic instrumentation. Offering effortless set-up, exceptional facilitation of 5mm and 10mm instrument triangulation, and maintenance of pneumorectum throughout the procedure, the GelPOINT Path allows the utmost versatility and access.

GelSeal Cap

Provides a flexible fulcrum for unmatched triangulation of standard laparoscopic instrumentation

Maintains pneumorectum for continuous access

Two interchangeable insufflation/smoke evacuation ports feature luer fittings and stopcock valves to accommodate standard laparoscopic insufflation or facilitate smoke evacuation

Facilitates specimen removal with simple detachment from access channel

Access Channel

Saves valuable OR time with simple placement and set-up

Offers 4cm atraumatic retraction for enhanced exposure and access

Includes suture ties for maximum security throughout procedure

Three sizes available to meet procedural needs

Self-Retaining Sleeves

Accommodates 5mm to 10mm standard instrumentation, 5mm angled instrumentation and curved suture needles

Offers greater freedom of movement and less instrument collision due to low-profile design

Stabilization Bag

Stabilizes the surgical space with an elastic CO2 reservoir that effectively absorbs the pulsing motion of an insufflated rectum

Connects to standard insufflation tubing


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