Our organization is guided by the belief that we are responsible for satisfying the three fundamental healthcare needs—cost containment, enhanced clinical outcomes and unrestricted choice. In light of this belief, we invest heavily in team members, R&D and advanced manufacturing technologies in order to develop the products and processes that allow us to satisfy our customers’ needs.

One of the main facets of our business model is vertical integration. Instead of outsourcing our operations, we continuously focus on expanding our areas of expertise and manufacturing capabilities. As a vertically integrated organization, we manufacture our products in-house at our Southern California and Amersfoort, Netherlands facilities, and provide exceptional customer service, support and education.

Our high level of vertical integration allows us to quickly and efficiently make product enhancements and develop new technologies—reducing the amount of time required for innovative ideas to positively impact patient care. Vertical integration also allows us to control costs, closely manage supply lines, and ensure the highest product quality, availability and compliance.

Our Vertical Integration Process